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Delhi is the capital territory of India, with a large metropolitan area and a plethora of historic buildings and sites to see. Delhi is also the second wealthiest city in India, behind Mumbai, and is home to 23,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires. Inhabited since the 6th century BC, Delhi is one of the oldest and most-visited cities in the world. Today, it is well connected with the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and cheap flights to Delhi make it an even more attractive place to visit. 

New and Old, There’s So Much to See

Delhi has some of the most amazing historic sites and modern tourist attractions. The city is home to historical buildings and structures from eight different cities, with architectural works from numerous empires built over millennia. The Qutab Minar was the first monument to be built by a Muslim Indian leader in AD1192. An Indo=Islamic mausoleum by the name of Humayan’s Tomb, the Red Fort constructed in 1639, and the Jama Masjid mosque are architectural curiosities that draw tourists from all over the world. New Delhi, the most modern part of the city, features the India Gate, a memorial to the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives in World War I.

Old Delhi is the perfect place for budding historians to visit. Originally known as Shahjahanabad, this walled city dates all the way back to 1639, and was once home to many a luxurious mansion and expansive gardens. Today, Old Delhi is full of winding streets and bazaars, and shows city life in India at its busiest. Tourists can explore on foot and discover ages-old temples, visit market stalls and interact with locals, or catch a ride on a bicycle rickshaw.

Food lovers will be amazed at the food on offer, too. Tourists often opt to attend Heritage and Food Tours, which take groups of tourists to the best food spots in the city. Experienced historians and food enthusiasts can guide you through the wonders of Old Delhi, introducing you to deep fried jalebi, a form of pretzel, and other intriguing dishes like julfi, which is a dairy-based dessert served insider a frozen mango.

The Rah Ghat is also a popular tourist attraction – a memorial to the great Mahatma Gandhi, located at the place he was cremated in 1948. The simple memorial is made of black marble, and features an eternal flame and an inscription that reads “He Ram” or “Oh God.” These are said to be the final words of the famous pacifist and visionary.

Beyond food and historic sights, Delhi also has a lot to offer the modern tourist. Bollywood fans can enjoy a thriving nightlife, where dancefloors are host to huge performances, and bars serve up great drinks at affordable prices. New Delhi competes quite well with any Western bar, not just in terms of price, but in terms of vibe and design. The Lap bar, found inside Hotel Samrat, is owned by Arjun Rampal – a famous Bollywood star who now hosts famous DJs from all over the world.

For tourists on a budget, there are many affordable hotels – and with luxury palace hotels serving up High Tea and brunch in their manicured gardens and grand atriums, anyone can enjoy a taste of luxury. 

Getting to and leaving the airport

After a flight to Delhi, traveling to the city is easy. Indira Gandhi International Airport offers a metro service, which is the quickest and easiest way to reach the city. The Metro Express is a speedy train service that operates from Terminal 3, and connects passengers with the center of the city. The train runs every 15 minutes between 4:45am and 11:15pm. Once a passenger reaches New Delhi, the train network makes it easy to reach other parts of the Indian railway network.

Bus services are also available, with a DTC shuttle bus service operating every 30 minutes, and a range of other local buses providing a convenient and affordable service. It’s easy to catch a bus from Terminal 3. Meru and Mega cabs are also available at Terminal 3, and Easy cabs can be found at Terminal 1C. The airport also offers car rental services, ideal for people who have just departed a flight to Delhi and who want to experience the city on their own terms. Delhi’s airport has a range of car rental services operating from the arrivals section of the airport. 

Delhi Airport Facilities & Services

As India’s biggest airport, the Indira Gandhi International Airport has a wide range of facilities to make your time at the airport more comfortable and convenient. After a flight to Delhi, passengers can access easy transport services. While waiting for an outbound flight, passengers can take in some of the breathtaking artwork on display, and enjoy a selection bars and restaurants, and travel between terminals is made easy using a simple shuttle service.

There are large waiting areas for passengers, as well as a special shower and massage lounge that makes waiting more luxurious. There are many Duty Free stores where passengers can find gifts and souvenirs, and the children’s play area and day care rooms mean everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy their time while waiting for their flight.  

Cheap Flights to Delhi from All Over the World

Delhi is better connected than ever before, with Indira Gandhi International airport offering flights to and from airports all over the world. In 2016, the San Francisco to Delhi flight became the longest non-stop commercial flight, after airlines changed the route to cross the Pacific instead of the Atlantic.

Indira Gandhi International airport serves popular airlines from Malaysia, Iraq, Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Saudi, Turkey and more, providing easy access to the country from across the globe.

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