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Kathmandu is the largest urban area in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, and it’s also the capital city. Including the surrounding Kathmandu Valley, the city is home to 2.5 million people. The city is so unique not just because of its long and ancient history, but also because it sits 4,600 feet above sea level. Today, tourists come to the city to see how it has developed in recent years, and to experience some of the world’s oldest historic monuments and sites. 

Ancient History and a Thriving, Modern Culture

The history of Kathmandu is full of tall tales and myths, and the old stories say that the city was created when Manjushree, a Buddhist saint, used his sword to break the wall of the valley and drain a giant lake. Scientists and archaeologists have since found that the lake actually drained away roughly 10,000 years ago – but civilization only really appeared on the remaining land in around the 2nd century, BC. Since then, Kathmandu has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations and regimes, from the Licchavi and Malla era, to the times of early Shah rule, and the later Rana rule.

Kathmandu may be best known for its history, but a surprising fact about the city is that it’s home to some amazing food. Specifically, Kathmandu is the best place in the whole country to try momos, which include minced meat or vegetables wrapped up in dough, before being steamed or deep fried. Accompanied by spicy sauces, momos are a delicious meal whether you purchase them from one of the many street vendors, or in cafes and restaurants. Kathmandu chefs also serve up delicious fried chicken and pork, so you’ll never be without something delicious to eat.

To get the best view of the city, be sure to click the three hundred (or more) steps to reach the Swayambhu. This is a golden and ancient stupa, a hemispherical building that contains ancient relics. At the top, you’ll have an incredible 360-degree of the entire city and the surrounding mountains and Kathmandu Valley, which is a sight you’ll always remember. Be aware, however – the stupa is often called the “Monkey Temple,” because of the large number of monkeys in the area. Be sure to keep your food protected, because monkeys can be quite forward!

Durbar Square is another tourist hotspot that is well worth seeing. It’s a popular plaza in the center of the old town, and it’s packed full of royal architecture and medieval buildings. The Three Buddha Park, which is located to the west of the “Monkey Temple,” is a popular park that has three large Buddha statues. Each of the statues are 20 meters high, and the garden is an amazing place to relax during the daytime. It’s the perfect place to stop and rest your feet after a day walking around Kathmandu’s many attractions. 

Kathmandu Airport (KTM)

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Getting to and leaving Tribhuvan International Airport

When arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport, passengers have a range of transportation options to choose from. One of the most popular ways for Western passengers to make their way to the center of the city is to use a pre-paid taxi service, which can be found right outside the arrival gate. The rates for taxis to specific parts of the city are displayed on boards at the taxi rank, and some drivers will ask for the taxi fare to be paid first. Most fares into the center of the city will cost around NPR 500 during the daytime, though an additional fee of NPR 100 will usually be added at night time.

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Private airport transport companies are also available, offering mini buses and cars for families and multiple passengers arriving on flights at around the same time.

Kathmandu Airport Facilities & Services

Returning home after a flight to Kathmandu? Your time at the airport will be comfortable and easy. There is a bank counter in the departure lounge, where travelers can convert their money. Be aware that all transactions at the bank counter will be done based on the declared amount of money for each passenger. To change any surplus rupees before leaving, be sure to keep your encashment receipts which are required.

The airport also has a counter for the Nepal Tourism Board, which is great for when you arrive at the airport. A team of knowledgeable tour guides will help you learn more about what to do and the many things you can see. If you haven’t already booked your hotels through BYOjet, you can also purchase hotel vouchers to be used at an assigned hotel. Pamphlets and a range of other tourism materials will be available.

Business travelers can reserve access to the “Commercially Important Person” lounge, which assigns you an airport representative who will manage all your luggage, customs, and immigration matters. Travelers can also find amazing gifts in the souvenir shop, enjoy free Wi-Fi, and a large waiting area.