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The City of Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and it’s one of the most densely populated cities in the whole world. Manila is located on the mouth of the Pasig River, with lots of harbor activity and amazing architecture dating back hundreds of years. The city is one of the oldest in the Philippines, and was the seat of power for most of the colonial rulers of the Philippines. Today, it’s a hotspot for tourists who are looking to experience the rich culture and history of the Philippines. 

Monuments, Sunsets, and Karaoke in Manila

Manila is home to incredible historic monuments and it’s packed full of rich culture – but it’s also known for its stunning natural landscapes, and even for its love of karaoke. The city has karaoke bars on most streets, with locals and tourists alike signing the nights away and having fun with friends. These bars usually show their most popular songs on the walls, and welcome people in to socialize and celebrate a traditional that’s popular throughout select parts of Asia.

At Manila Bay, you’ll discover some of the most amazing views across the ocean. The sunsets are notoriously spectacular, with orange and red skies dominating the city every evening. Manila Bay itself is an amazing place to visit, too. The bay is a natural harbor that was seized by American troops in 1898, and on either side of the bar there are two volcanic peaks surrounded with vast amounts of forestry. The bay is full of wildlife and incredible views, making it a great place for tourists and nature lovers to visit during their time in Manila.

The Coconut Palace is another amazing draw. The palace is a giant monument of the corrupt regime of Ferdinand Marcos, who was known for spending vast amounts of money and neglecting his people. The building is now occupied by the Vice President, and its name comes from the fact that it was made using natural materials, including coconuts. It was also originally intended to serve as a guesthouse for the Pope. Tours are now available for tourists throughout the week.

The San Augustin Church will also amaze lovers of traditional architecture. The church is one of just a few buildings that wasn’t destroyed during World War II, and is the oldest standing church in the whole of the Philippines. Its history dates to the 16th century, and its many ornate shrines and statues make it a real wonder to see. It’s a one-of-a-kind church that people come to see from all over Asia and beyond. Tourists can see the building and attend exhibitions that explain the religious orders from the Spanish that founded the Philippines.

Shopping culture is huge in Manila, too – so if you’re a fan of shopping, you’ll be amazed by the many malls and shopping centers. The Mall of Asia is among the largest shopping centers in the entire world, with its own Olympic-size ice rink, a full-size IMAX theater, and hundreds of stores that sell luxury goods and so much more.

Manila offers the perfect combination of historical significance and modern amenities, meaning tourists will be sure to find a selection of luxurious hotels to stay in. There are many bars and restaurants that serve traditional Philippine food, as well as dishes from around the rest of the world. Cheap flights to Manila are making the Philippines are more attractive tourist destination than ever before.

Global Flights to Manila

Ninoy Quino International Airport, also known as the Manila International Airport, now works with more airlines than ever. Flights from all over the world bring tourists who are looking to experience everything the Philippines has to offer. With its four terminals, the airport works with airlines from China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Saudi, and more. Through connecting flights, passengers across the United States and Europe can more easily reach the Philippines – and BYOjet makes the booking process easy and affordable.

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Getting to and leaving the airport

Booking a flight to Manila, and want to ensure you can reach your hotel when you arrive? Manila International Airport makes transportation easy, offering a shuttle bus service that runs every 15 minutes, through all four terminals. Bus services that provide access to nine major Manila routes are also available from the airport, as well as the Manila Light Rail System that is accessible by a two-kilometer taxi journey. Passengers can easily reach Baclaran Station, which connects you with the rest of the city.

Taxi services are popular with passengers, with drivers parking up at the airport’s taxi rank and waiting for customers. Pre-arranged cabs and cars can also be picked up from the airport. To reach most hotels in central Manila, a taxi journey will cost around 200 Pesos, which is less than 10 United States Dollars. Depending on traffic, a taxi ride can take between 20 minutes and 1 hour to reach the center of the city. 

Manila Airport Facilities & Services

Manila Airport has a range of facilities, providing passengers with an easy and comfortable experience. Passengers on flights to Manila will be greeted with friendly members of staff and large, luxurious, and open space. Passengers leaving Manila will be able to enjoy a variety of facilities before their flight takes off. All four terminals have Duty Free shopping and a range of restaurants and bars to relax in. Manila International Airport offers extra passenger services, including day rooms for relaxing, and a VIP Lounge for club members.

The spacious passenger lounge offers plenty of room when waiting for a light to take off, and banking/currency exchange booths are available throughout the airport. Team members at the airport are also always happy to help – and with BYOjet, every passenger can relax before their flight knowing they got the best deals on cheap flights to Manila.