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Mumbai formally Bombay, India’s largest city. Is perhaps its most diverse. From museums to bustling markets and bazaars, from the slums to Bollywood’s epicenter, and from the proximity of tropical forests to the elaborateness of British colonial architecture, it’s a world in and of itself. Travelers will find many hidden corners to explore in this vast metropolis. Flights to Mumbai are a trip to an adventure in the city.

Mumbai, the Gateway to India

Mumbai is a city teeming with life and energy. It’s India’s financial center, the home of the Bollywood film industry, and is commonly referred to as India’s “gateway city.” Indeed, the presence of a famous monument on the waterfront – the Gateway of India – serves as a reminder. Built in 1924, the elaborately carved, looming stone archway stands at the edge of Mumbai Harbor.

Modern Mumbai

Since Mumbai is most a city of contrasts, alongside its ancient temples, remnants of colonialism, and 20th-century marvels, you’ll also find the modern world edging in. For instance, the northern neighborhoods of the city are slowly being filled with skyscrapers as tall as 300 meters – almost 1,000 feet.

And, while the city has some of the largest slums in Asia, it also has some of the most affluent areas, too. Fashionable neighborhoods like Bandra boast countless cafes, tearooms, trendy restaurants, and lots and lots of shopping.

High fashion label lovers will find opportunities all over the city. The largest high-end shopping complex in Mumbai, High Street Phoenix, boasts luxury from world renowned brands as well as the hottest local designers.

Mumbai’s cultural offerings don’t end with fashion, either. There are art galleries, museums, live music venues, and historic landmarks galore. See prime examples of Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture at the giant train station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus; the High Court, a hub of government; or the University of Mumbai. You’ll see plenty of architecture in various styles throughout the city, from temples to colonial buildings to modern marvels.

Mumbai’s Ancient Roots

A trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some of its thousand-year-old cultural sights. One must-see is the ancient Hindu cave temples on Elephanta Island. Take a ferry from the mainland and see awe-inspiring carvings, pillars, shrines, and statues dedicated to Shiva.

Best Times to Travel

In general, the ideal time to travel to Mumbai is when temperatures are cooler and the humidity is lower – usually December or January. Mumbai has a tropical climate, however, so temperatures are consistently warm. June to September is monsoon season, which is best avoided, as roads can become waterlogged and travel tricky.

Learn About Cheap Flights to Mumbai

hhatrapati Shivaji International Airport handles all international air travel coming into and leaving Mumbai. The airport is about 30 km from the center of the city and was recently remodeled.

Terminal 2 (T2) is where international travelers will land and received the brunt of renovation efforts. As a result, the terminal is a modern wonder.

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Getting to and leaving the airport

Getting to and from the airport is a cinch with the various options available. If you’re heading into Mumbai, you can grab a cab or an Uber, book a fleet taxi, or rent a car. Heading back to the airport is equally as easy.

Public transport is available, too. The quickest and most commonly preferred option is to use the Mumbai Suburban Railway Network. These local trains have three lines that connect to all different parts of the city. The closest station to T2 is Andheri (East).

For an economical way to travel, you can also choose to take a bus via Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST). There are routes all over the city along with regular stops.

Once you’re out and about, an auto rickshaw can take you through the suburbs to get you where you need to go.

For inter-terminal travel, the airport has a dedicated taxi service with fixed rates.

Mumbai Airport Facilities & Services

Modern style and amenities collide at T2, the international terminal for Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. This facility strives to be one of the best airports in the world, and it shows.

Art Gallery/Museum

The first thing you may notice upon disembarking is the literal museum that lines the walls surrounding the moving walkway that leads you to baggage claim. This collection contains over 5,000 pieces and represents India in its entirety. The airport even touts a journey on the moving walkway through this museum as a safari-like experience.

Shopping, Dining, and Other Amenities

The airport has a wide array of shopping, including duty-free options, for travelers with extra time on their hands. There’s additionally a decent selection of restaurants and an airport spa.

If you need the amenities of home at the terminal, there is a lounge with everything from sleeping pods and showers to dress steam press services and meals. You can even head to the drop-in business center to do some work, have a meeting, or teleconference. Finally, if you need a quiet moment, there are convenient prayer and meditation rooms on various levels of the airport.

Guest Services

Meanwhile, if you have questions or need travel information, guest services at the airport offer assistance with arrivals, departures, or even just help with your bags. They’ll help you get where you need to go.  

In short, flights to Mumbai will lead you to a whirlwind of a trip. On the way there, you’ll be treated to plenty of amenities and great service. These aspects make cheap flights to Mumbai well worth the ticket price.