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Located on Australia's western shore, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. The nearest city of more than 100,000 people is more than 1,000 miles away, yet with its own population of almost 2 million, it is Australia's fourth-largest city.

Despite its size, Perth is a very laid-back city – and one of Australia's safest. Citywide culture places priority on socializing, surfing, and exploring the significant expanses of nearby wilderness. Perth is one of Australia's most culturally diverse cities, mostly because of its proximity to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It is geographically closer to each of those countries than to Australia's west coast.

The combined nature of Perth's cosmopolitan culture and lack of a busy-city vibe make it a great place to relax. People of all walks of life can enjoy the city's sparsely populated beaches, which frequently rank among the best in the country, and bicycle throughout the surrounding countryside year-round.

Perth also has a few truly excellent parks, making it ideal for the wildlife lover. From its inner-city options like Kings Park and Lake Monger to the more remote John Forrest park and Rottnest Island, there are many options for exploring natural beauty in this isolated environment.

The local climate improves Perth's qualifications for great natural tourism – unlike Australia's northern cities, Perth enjoys a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. In fact, with 138 clear days annually and an average 8.8 hours of sunshine per day, it is one of the sunniest large cities in Australia. However, it does have an annual wet season that begins in June and ends in September.

Transportation in Perth

Perth's public transport is both reliable and inexpensive. Bus service is provided by Transperth, and can generally be relied upon to offer complete transportation services throughout the city on weekdays. On weekends, however, the frequency of public transportation decreases significantly and some lines no longer run.

In general, buses stop running after 8:00 PM. If you need to travel at night, we recommend you rent a car. Perth's taxis are largely hit-or-miss – it is not uncommon to find that taxi companies stall and delay sending cars to people during peak hours, and dispatches regularly place priority on people who are traveling long distances or going to the airport.

If you are spending a Friday or Saturday night out in one of Perth's entertainment precincts and wish to take a taxi home late at night, you could be waiting up to two hours for a car to take you. Drivers are known to play favorites, and you may find yourself avoided by taxis for any reason.

However, the ridesharing service Uber is gaining in popularity and promises uniformly courteous service to anyone who installs the mobile app and hails a car. Uber is cheaper than Perth taxi services, but does not serve the entirety of the city consistently. Combining the two services until you get a car is often the fastest way to ensure service.

Perth is one of Australia's most bicycle-friendly cities, so it's possible for visitors to avoid automobiles entirely when traveling here. Perth's unique bicycle network includes principal paths, local bicycle routes, on-road bike lanes in most major streets, and end-of-trip facilities in most popular destinations. It's always easy to find a U-rack in this city, so don't be afraid to rent a bike after booking your flight to Perth.

If you choose to rent a car, you'll be happy to find out that Perth does not have any toll roads, unlike the larger cities the coast opposite. The size and layout of the city makes it easy for travelers to get out into the pure outback within a mere hour or two of driving.

Flights to Perth International Airport

Perth International Airport operates flights to most of the major cities in the region – AirAsia operates flights to Kuala Lumpur, Air New Zealand to Auckland, and Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong. You can even book flights further out as far as Abu Dhabi and Doha.

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Get in touch with us and ask one of our specialists how we can help you make the most of your flight to Perth. It's one of the only places where you can interact with a real kangaroo in the safety of the local zoo, where the best-behaved animals are allowed to wander along visitors' paths. Although Australia's many tourist destinations have much to offer, there is nothing quite like Perth.

Getting to and leaving the airport

Perth Airport is located approximately 12km east of Perth City. Terminals 1 and 2 are located on Airport Drive which can be accessed from both the Tonkin and Leach Highways. Terminals 3 and 4 are on the airport’s west side and are accessed from Tonkin Highway. When making connections, the four terminals are connected by an airport operated shuttle bus.  

With the completion of the new Virgin Australia Domestic Terminal and the new International Terminal, airlines now use the following facilities:

Terminal 1 (T1) – Virgin Australia domestic and all international airlines
Terminal 2 (T2) – Alliance, Tigerair, Virgin Australia Regional
Terminal 3 (T3) – Jetstar (domestic), Qantas
Terminal 4 (T4) – Qantas (interstate)

For detailed information on Perth Airport, its location, parking options and terminal facilities, visit the Perth Airport Passenger Information page

Perth Airport Facilities & Services

Each terminal at Perth Airport provides Long Term, Short Term and ‘Park & Wait’ car parks. Car rental desks can be found on the ground level of each terminal. Taxis and the terminal transfer bus can also be found outside the four terminals on the ground level.

Other facilities and services found at Perth Airport include:-

  • Baggage Storage
  • Banking and Money Exchange
  • ATMs
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars and retail stores