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The city-state of Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, lies on an island just off the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula.

The Singapore Experience at Affordable Rates

Singapore is one of the most industrious, energetic, exciting cities in Southeast Asia, and its gleaming office towers and innovative vertical gardens are a testimony to its economic and cultural success. It offers shopping opportunities that no other city can, with its stretch of 23 shopping malls along Orchard Road, as well as the more modest (but arguably more interesting) shop districts of Chinatown, Geylang Road and Kampong Glam.

For those looking for natural surroundings, the Singapore Botanic Gardens have been attracting visitors more than a century and a half. Sentosa Island and Pulau Ubin are escapes from the bustle of the urban centre, giving tourists a chance to get closer to both the traditional culture and the area's wildlife.

One of the most popular reason to come to Singapore is for the food, and foodies will be able to spend a holiday in Singapore doing little more than sampling the deliciously diverse local cuisine. Dining opportunities range from the finest of luxury restaurants to the most authentic of small shops and street food vendors. For a special treat, consider coming to town in July for the Singapore Food Festival, a two-week-long celebration of the city's multicultural food heritage that attracts food enthusiasts from all over the world.

Singapore is a mere 129 kilometres from the equator, so you can expect hot weather at just about any time of year. The rainiest season is between November and January, but it's never dry for long in Singapore. For the best chance at a sunny day, try February.

Flights to Singapore From Around the World

International flights to Singapore arrive at Changi International Airport, one of the world's outstanding airports. Not only is the airport one of the busiest hubs in the region, served by numerous international airlines and offering connections via regional carriers to destinations across Southeast Asia, it also offers amenities for travellers that are second to none. Hotel rooms in each of the terminals can be rented by weary travellers for six-hour stretches, and the terminals also provide a swimming pool, a supermarket, a movie theatre, a children's playground, and medical facilities to serve any need that you might have.

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Getting to and leaving the airport

Public transport connects Changi Airport with the rest of Singapore, with a limousine, minicab, and taxi service. Cars can be booked on the day, or pre-booked online. An airport-to-city train is accessible at Terminal 2 and 3. Tickets can be purchased at train stations, and EZ-Link cards can be used. The self-service kiosk makes it easy to book your travel – you’ll just need to choose your destination, pay, and a driver will be waiting to pick you up at the taxi rank area. Public bus routes also stop by the airport, making it easy to access major public transport networks.

Singapore Airport Facilities & Services

Singapore’s Changi Airport has three facilities, packed with luxuries you won’t find in other airports. Terminal 1 is home to its rooftop cactus garden, with more than 40 different species of cacti. There is also a rooftop pool and jacuzzi, where travelers can relax before their flight. Terminal 2 has an orchid and sunflower garden, as well as an entertainment deck that has Xbox stations and movie theaters. Terminal 3 also has a large movie theater and a koi pond. Plenty of restaurants and bars await travelers, too – alongside a range of popular stores that sell luxury goods. Whether you’re looking to buy gifts for friends or treat yourself, you’ll find everything in Singapore’s shopping center.