Flying with Air New Zealand


Flying with Air New Zealand

New Zealand's Auckland-based flag carrier is a Star Alliance member that serves more than 31 international destinations in 19 countries. The carrier's notable black plane liveries can be seen at many of the world's busiest airports – especially those in the Southeast Asian and Oceania regions.

The airline operates a fleet of 54 planes and is known to change their liveries from time to time, switching out the traditional black, inspired by New Zealand's national All Blacks rugby team with Lord of the Rings-themed imagery. While your flight attendants won't necessarily perform the famous haka for passengers, Air New Zealand flyers do get an authentic Kiwi experience on-board these flights.

Economy Class

Air New Zealand operates Boeing-777s with Economy SkyCoach cabins. In these special economy cabins, each row of three seats transforms into a flat space, permitting passengers to sleep in a fully reclined lie-down position when flights are not crowded. In addition, the seat's foot rests are raised to a higher position than on most aircraft, and a seat cushion offers extra comfort.

When you fly with Air New Zealand, you get to enjoy the airline's award-winning Kiwi entertainment service on a 9-inch HD touchscreen display. Browse through a wide selection of blockbuster feature films, including the worldwide hits that put New Zealand on the map, or watch your favorite television programs while your flight carries you to your destination in style.

Food and beverage choices revolve around New Zealand specialties, especially in terms of the country's famous wines. In-flight menu items are chef-designed by a team of New Zealand's finest culinary experts. The airline also provides snacks and refreshments throughout the flight.

Premium Economy

Air New Zealand offers Premium Economy service on its Boeing-777 aircraft. Passengers who opt for this flight class enjoy increased legroom and extra seat recline, as well as a full leg rest. Premium Economy seats are markedly larger and more comfortable than Economy seats. Each seat is fitted with a small enclosure that helps separate passengers from one another, preventing accidental reach-overs and unintended contact.

Importantly, each seat remains in its semi-enclosure when reclined, so you don't have to worry about entering your neighbor's seat space, nor do you have to suffer someone else reclining into yours. These leather seats include ample storage for carry-on items and come with travel amenity kits that include premium-quality headphones for use with the attached 11-inch HD touchscreen display.

Passengers who book Premium Economy get to enjoy an upgraded selection of food and beverage menu choices. Chef-designed courses offer the best in New Zealand cuisine alongside International choices fit to suit any palette. The wine selection is more refined, focusing on New Zealand's more exquisite brands.

Business Premier

Air New Zealand's Business Premier seats ensure the very best treatment the airline has to offer. Each passenger sits in a luxurious, fully reclinable seat made of memory foam mattress material and receives two full size pillows. Every seat has direct aisle access and comes with an attached ottoman footrest that also doubles as a visitor's seat during meal time.

Business Premier passengers have access to Air New Zealand's Kiwi entertainment service through a high quality wide-screen display of far greater quality than the screens offered in its Economy classes. Each seat is equipped with its own power outlet and USB port, allowing passengers to use and charge their own devices on long-haul flights.

When you fly Business Premier with Air New Zealand, you get to enjoy a culinary experience of the highest caliber thanks to the airline's innovative menu carefully created by celebrity chef Peter Gordon. Enjoy individually plated multiple course meals combining authentic New Zealand dishes with favorites from around the world.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.

Clubs, Lounges and Amenities

If you are a business premier ticket holder, you earn access to Air New Zealand's selective lounges located in each of the country's airports. Earn top-quality service in a relaxing environment with access to an extensive range of food and beverage choices in most of Oceania's major airports, including Australia's major transport hubs.

Air New Zealand also operates partner lounges in busy airports such as Los Angeles, Houston, Ho Chi Minh City, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and London. To gain access to partnership lounges, all you need to do is enter Air New Zealand's Airpoints club and obtain an Airpoint Gold, Elite Partner, or Koru membership.