Flying with China Southern


Flying with China Southern Airlines

Based in Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines has its main hubs in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and in Beijing Capital International Airport. It operates 2,000 daily flights to more than 200 destinations and offers a broad range of services to its passengers.

With a fleet of more than 500 individual aircraft – mostly Airbus and Boeing – it is one of the world's larger airlines, and offers a suitably wide selection of airfare classes. Notably, it is the only Chinese airline to operate the Airbus A-380 aircraft.

Economy Class

Outfitted in calm blue and off-white, China Southern Airlines' economy class seats are comfortable and slim. Each seat has an adjustable head rest and airline staff pass out blankets and pillows alongside complimentary beverages and hot meals.

Economy class seats towards international destinations come with personal TV screens that offer on-demand entertainment. The entertainment system offers a broad range of film, TV, and music selections sourced from China and the rest of the world.

Economy class passengers get to enjoy hot meals drawn both from Chinese and Western cuisines. The in-flight bar selection is suitably complete, with most market-brand beers, wines, and spirits available.

Premium Economy

The more cost-friendly alternative to higher class airfare, Premium Economy passengers enjoy more spacious seating and enhanced service. Premium Economy seats recline more and offer increased legroom compared to regular Economy seats.

The Premium Economy in-flight entertainment system includes a 9-inch personal TV screen. While the screen is superior to the Economy Class screen, the selection of shows, movies, and music is the same.

Food and beverage is of markedly better quality for Premium Economy passengers. You may select from a menu containing numerous international cuisine options. Your flight attendant will deliver the main course along with a starter, a salad, a dessert, and any beverage on the menu. The drink selection is better than that served to Economy passengers.

Business Class

In China Southern Airlines' Business Class, there are only two seats to each row – not three. This let the airline make each seat significantly better, improving passenger comfort. This roomy cabin feature fully adjustable seats that can be reclined to a lie-flat position without bothering nearby passengers.

The 15-inch digital wide screen entertainment system is notably more advanced than the system offered to Premium Economy and Economy passengers. Business Class passengers also have access to USB charging ports and regular 220v outlets with Chinese adapter plugs.

The Business Class menu features a selection of starters, main courses, desserts, and beverages. The wine list is notable, as it is one of the most complete among Business Class offerings, and constantly changes. Each meal is individually plated and served to passengers in restaurant-style courses.

First Class

First Class service with China Southern Airlines leaves little to be desired. Extra personal storage space and an extra-wide seat that converts to a lie-flat bed make this a highly desirable flight option for many. China Southern Airlines' First Class cabins tastefully outfitted in blue tones with wooden trim accenting their luxurious interior.

In the Airbus A-380, First Class seating options include Platinum Privacy suites that come with full enclosures where passengers can enjoy total privacy. All First Class seats come with a full-sized 23-inch HD TV screen and six shifting mood light choices.

The finest chefs prepare China Southern Airlines' First Class menu, which contains an extensive selection of individually plated meals and fine wines. Each passenger may enjoy his or her meal on a linen-covered table and even invite a guest – each table is designed to accommodate meal companions.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.

Clubs, Lounges and Amenities

China Southern Airlines is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, which shares lounge access to premium passengers with Air France, Delta, Mexicana Airlines, and Korean Air. China Southern Airlines operates exclusive lounges in most Chinese International airports, as well as Hong Kong, Paris, Atlanta, Mexico City, and Seoul.

Most lounges include an open bar and restaurant service. Some, such as the London location, include spa treatment and more. In order to quality for SkyTeam benefits through China Southern Airlines, you must become a SkyTeam Elite Plus member.