Flying with Emirates


Flying with Emirates Airlines

With more than 3,600 flights per week, covering 140 cities in 81 countries, Emirates Airlines is the largest airline in the Middle East. On a global scale, it is the fourth largest airline in terms of international passenger volume and distance flown-per-passenger. For several years, it operated the world's longest non-stop commercial flight, from Dubai to Auckland.

Emirates is a world-renowned innovator when it comes to in-flight amenities and entertainment. It was one of the first airlines in the world to incorporate now-commonplace touch-screen entertainment displays. Today, that entertainment system incorporates an in-flight email server, seat-to-seat messaging system, and a solution for in-flight mobile phone calls.

Economy Class

Emirates has a reputation for great Economy Class service. While its seat configurations vary depending on which of the airline's 239 aircraft you fly on, you can depend on having a comfortable 32-inch pitch and 18 inches of seat width. In some aircraft, there is enough space for the airline to incorporate a 3-4-3 seat configuration while still maintaining comfortable standards for each passenger.

With an Economy Class ticket, you also get to benefit from seat-mounted USB ports and power outlets for personal devices. You can enjoy access to the aircraft's seat-back entertainment system, which connects you to a universe of film, television, music, and games.

Food and drink are complimentary. Economy Class flyers get to enjoy multi-course meal service and a broad variety of beverages, including a fine selection of beers, wines, and spirits.

Business Class

Emirates Airlines' Business Class passengers enjoy next-level service in a staggered seating plan that ensures maximum spaciousness and comfort. Seat sizes vary from 70 to 79 inches, converting into fully reclined beds at the push of a button. All seats incorporate a personal mini-bar, privacy enclosures, and an extra large touchscreen in-flight entertainment system.

Business Class passengers have access to audio and visual entertainment of higher fidelity than Economy passengers. Emirates' noise-canceling headphones and outstanding HD visual display create an immersive environment for passengers enjoying their favorite selections of international films and television series.

In-flight meals are of significantly higher quality for Emirates Airlines Business Class passengers. The flight crew serves multi-course meals on porcelain plates with restaurant-quality silver and glassware. The in-flight menu serves a wide variety of international cuisines, incorporating some of the most popular dishes from around the world.

First Class

In Emirates' First Class cabins, passengers can relax in total comfort and luxury. Outfitted in relaxing beige with sophisticated wood trim overtones, First Class suites include convertible seats that recline to a completely horizontal position. Each suite has its own personal mini-bar and can be completely enclosed for absolute privacy.

On Emirates flights in the Airbus A-380, First Class passengers can take showers mid-flight. They also enjoy access to a fully stocked in-flight bar where passengers meet and socialize before hunkering down to sleep in their luxurious soft bed linens.

The First Class in-flight menu includes some of the finest food and drink choices available on any airline. The airline's selection of foods changes regularly, accommodating the wishes of its roster of celebrity chefs who constantly prepare new and exciting culinary experiences for First Class flyers.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.

Emirates Airlines Lounges and Amenities

Emirates Airlines Lounges represent the very best the airline has to offer its premium passengers. Beyond its selection of high quality specialty lounge areas, open bars, and relaxation areas in Dubai, the airline also operates clubs in 36 locations worldwide.

If you qualify for entrance to an Emirates lounge, you will find one in most of the world's busiest airports. Emirates operates lounges in New York City, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Perth, Brisbane, Zurich, London, among many others.

Additionally, Emirates has lounge sharing agreements with partner airlines in more than 100 cities worldwide. You can enjoy world-renowned Emirates-quality service in exotic locations like Harare, Casablanca, Tehran, Buenos Aires, and Moscow through participating partner airlines.