Flying with Etihad


Flying with Etihad Airlines

Operating over 1,000 flights per week to more than 120 destinations throughout the world, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad airlines is a major player among global airlines. Flying with Etihad airlines is a supremely comfortable experience Economy class all the way up to First – in no small part due to the spaciousness of its cabins and the pleasant professionalism of its crew.

Consistently rated as one of the best airlines in the world, Etihad is also one of the few airlines to offer direct flight service to all six inhabited continents. The airline maintains a fleet of 124 aircraft, including some of the newest and most luxurious planes in the sky. As of December 2014, it began a renovation project for its interior cabins, which includes the only three-room apartment available on a commercial flight.

Economy Smart Seat

Etihad's Economy Smart Seat Class features extra-wide seating with a seat pitch of between 31 and 33 inches. These seats can recline a full six inches in back without disturbing rear neighbors, letting passengers rest in affordable comfort on their way to any of the airline's many destinations.

Each seat is fitted with an 11-inch E-Box entertainment system that includes USB plug-and-play functionality. With this technology, not only do you have access to a large selection of international films, television shows, and music performances, but you can also access and charge your own device as well. You can put your own films on the screen, or use it to view the pictures you took while on holiday.

Food and drink are complimentary on all Etihad flights. Economy Smart Seat passengers can choose between three high quality meals – usually one traditional Middle Eastern dish, one Western dish, and one vegetarian option – while on Etihad flights. Bar service is complimentary, and includes a selection of fine wines, beers, and spirits in addition to soft drinks and other beverages.

Business Class

Business Class passengers earn entrance to the award-winning Etihad Business Studio cabin. Guests get to enjoy full seat enclosures that can be shut for privacy. Every high quality leather seat – tailored by furniture designer Poltrona Frau – extends to become a fully horizontal six-foot long bed with massage functionality built into the accompanying console.

As a Business Class passenger, you may also benefit from dedicated chauffer service to and from the airport, and access to any of Etihad's many lounges and partner lounges while waiting for your flight.

A top-quality wide-screen display offers on-board entertainment in high definition. Both the audio and visual components of the in-flight entertainment system are markedly superior to the Economy class alternative. Etihad's food and drink menu selection is varied, and you may order any items you wish at any time during the flight.

First Class

First Class Passengers get to enjoy the luxurious confines of an entire enclosed suite or apartment while flying. Boeing 787s offer First Suite flights, while the larger Airbus 380 includes nine First Apartments.

The First Suite includes an extra-wide reclining lounge chair in luxurious hand-stitched leather and a personal wardrobe. Each seat transforms into a fully horizontal lie-down bed, with five-star hotel-quality pillows and duvets assuring maximum comfort. The suite comes equipped with its own separate dining table and a 24-inch television display.

The First Apartment is a 39-square foot enclosed room that features an even wider reclining seat outfitted in high quality tailored leather, a full-sized ottoman, and a vanity cabinet. The apartment's 24-inch television features swinging brackets so passengers can turn it to face the bed or the attached dining table with ease. Each apartment comes with its own bar, stocked with chilled beverages of the highest quality.

The Residence

In each Etihad Airways Airbus 380, there is one 125-square foot three-room suite that features a private living room, bedroom, and bathroom with a shower. The ultimate in airborne luxury, The Residence comes with an 82-inch long reclining sofa, 32-inch 4K television display, and king-size bed in a bedroom with its own separate 27-inch TV monitor.

The suite comes equipped with its own bar, pre-stocked with the finest beverages the world has to offer, and a complete menu of gourmet dishes expertly prepared by first-class chefs.

Etihad Lounges, Clubs, and Amenities

Purchasing Business Class or above airfare with Etihad earns you entrance to its exclusive network of airport lounges. The most complete set of fully featured lounges are located in the United Arab Emirates, but the airline also offers access to its partnered network of over 90 lounges in some of the world's most popular and exotic destinations.

Etihad offers luxurious and relaxing airport lounge services in most of the world's busiest locations, including Singapore, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Frankfurt, and Beijing, among many others.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.