Flying with Malindo Air


Flying with Malindo Air

The product of a cooperative pact between the two nations, Malindo Air operates a fleet of 50 aircraft to 43 destinations primarily located in the Southeast and Central Asia regions. With daily flights heading to top destinations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, the airline has established itself as a value-oriented leader for affordable Economy seats and all-inclusive Business Class offerings.

Malindo is one of the youngest airlines currently in operation. Its maiden flight to Kuala Lumpur took place in 2013, and its fleet largely consists of new aircraft, including the brand new dual class Boeing B737-900. It is one of the only airlines to offer flight service from this aircraft in the region, giving it a competitive advantage over many other regional carriers.

As a hybrid airline, Malindo offers a variety of low-cost flights as well as higher-value long-haul flight options, including both Economy and Business flight classes.

Economy Class

Malindo Air offers ample legroom to Economy Class passengers. Each aircraft's comfortable canvas seats are designed with relaxation in mind – you may enjoy a steep recline without worrying about bothering your neighbor. Seats feature a comfortable pitch of 32 inches and are sufficiently wide for passengers to sleep comfortably on long-haul flights.

Every seat comes with its own 9-inch touchscreen entertainment display connecting passengers to a large selection of movies, music, television programs, and games. Malindo Air staff constantly updates its film collection with the latest international releases and offers passengers a wide variety of popular television shows from around the world.

As an Economy Class passenger, you can enjoy complimentary snacks and beverage service. In-flight meals are not included with Economy flights.

Business Class

The Malindo Air Business Class experience begins with your check-in at the airport, where a dedicated desk awaits you. If you are checking in from Kuala Lumpur Airport, you will be directed to Malino's exclusive business class lounge, where you can relax with free Wi-Fi and a premium beverage as your flight taxis in.

Once in-flight, business Class passengers enjoy luxurious full leather seating with 45 inches of legroom in a charming beige cabin designed to inspire a feeling of relaxation and contentment. Business Class seats can recline fully, allowing passengers to get a great night's rest while en route to their destination.

The in-flight entertainment system operates more like a top-brand consumer electronics tablet than the clunky touchscreens that airline passengers may otherwise be accustomed to using. Supporting multi-touch gestures and offering access to a broad selection of films and television programs, Malindo Air's entertainment system is one of the most advanced in the sky.

Additionally, in-flight Wi-Fi is provided free of charge to Business Class passengers. Simply log into the provided Wi-Fi network using your personal device and enjoy a full hour of Internet while cruising at altitude. Use the provided power outlet or USB port to power your device, and stream music or catch up on emails to your heart's content.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.

Malindo Loyalty Privileges

While Malindo does not operate lounges in any cities other than Kuala Lumpur, it does leverage partnerships with local service providers in a wide range of industries to provide benefits to its Loyalty Club members. Any passenger with a Malindo Air boarding pass may enjoy these benefits once, while Loyalty Club members may take advantage of them as much as they wish.

  • 20% off food and beverages at select locations in the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali.- - - -

You can also earn 20% off your admission ticket to the KKB Paragliding Park in Kuala Lumpur and Resort World in Langkawi.

If you wish to enjoy the stellar treatment afforded at Kuala Lumpur's Wellness Lounge, a Malindo Airlines boarding pass or Loyalty Club membership earns you a 20% discount.