Flying with Qantas


Flying with Qantas Airlines

International Economy

Qantas offer you the comfort of ergonomically-designed seats with built-in lumbar support. The slim-line seats also recline and headrests can be adjusted to make your flight as pleasant as possible. Qantas flights offer extra legroom and softer cushioned seating for your enjoyment on a longer flight.

On the airline's A380 and refurbished B747 airliners, you can select from 1,500 different entertainment options through in-seat controls. TV shows, films, radio stations, music playlists, interactive maps, and games are all available. You can also place phone calls and answer text messages through the controls.  

A new, more customer-friendly, dining service offers you a surprisingly broad range of contemporary dishes. The dishes are served and cleared quickly, letting you enjoy your flight they way you prefer. After take-off, every flyer can enjoy one of a range of signature refreshments.

Domestic Economy

There are slim-line seats on board Qantas Domestic Economy, with adjustable headrests and the added space offered by a soft reclining seat. Should you want a blanket and pillow, these are available on-request.

On-board Qantas flights, you can access the latest TV shows and films using the in-flight entertainment system provided. This system also lets you enjoy radio stations, CD audio, and destination guides. To help passengers both work and play, every seat also has PC power and USB ports attached.

On other Qantas Airlines services, entertainment systems offer comedy and variety shows, Q radio stations and news bulletins.

You can take advantage of the complimentary food and drink that are included on every Qantas Airlines flight. If you are flying between the major cities of Australia, you can also enjoy a free glass of beer or wine served on weekday flights from late afternoon.

International Premium Economy

Relax into your ergonomically-designed seat that boasts wider sitting space and a multi-way adjustable headrest. With no more than 40 other places, the private cabin provides personalized service from your flight attendants.

On A380s and the refurbished B747 aircraft you can choose from 1,500 different entertainment options, including the most up-to-date films and TV programs, as well as radio stations, CD albums, interactive maps and games. You can also place phone calls and answer text messages through your entertainment system.  

While you sip from a complimentary glass of sparkling wine you can choose a meal from Menu Select, the Premium Economy service that offers a choice of meals designed by the renowned Australian restaurateur, Neil Perry. 

International Business Class

Qantas Airlines' Business Class offers your contemporary comfort and greater storage space. The A380 can offer a furnished Business Lounge, complete with a 58 centimeter display screen suitable for entertaining or for business meetings. 

The award-winning Skybed allows you to fly in comfort through its broad range of intelligent adjustments. It offers massage options and, in second-generation versions available on A380 and reconfigured B747 airliners, a two-meter fully flat bed. On certain long-haul flights, a sleep service can provide you with a new mattress and duvet to increase the comfort factor.

With your own 12-inch touch screen, on-demand controls and noise-canceling headphones, you can really enjoy an impressive range of the latest TV shows and films, radio stations, music playlists, interactive maps and games. You can also make phone calls through a personal telephone available in each seat and answer text messages through your controls.

Prior to boarding you can see and order meals from the International Business menu, both small and main plates are available on-board and come served on Marc Newson-designed plateware. A sommelier is available to advise you on your choice of award-winning wine to suit your meal.

Domestic Business Class

The Boeing Sky Interior B737 airliner features ergonomically designed leather seats that recline, provide leg rests and wide back seats – perfect for resting during a long flight. Business Suites on the Airbus A-330 boast great storage, fully-flat beds and seats that let you recline your seat from take-off through to landing.

On the Airbus and Boeing airliners, you can select from your personal screen from a whole range of TV shows, films, news bulletins, and radio stations. You can also take advantage of the in-seat PC power and USB ports on-board.

International First Class

Sleepwear and amenity kits allow you to travel in luxury. A control on the armrest your seat transforms it from a reading position to a fully flat, extra-wide bed, complete with luxurious bedding and a sheepskin mattress. The flat bed on the Qantas A-380 extends beyond two meters in length.

The B747’s 10.4-inch screen and the A380 aircraft’s 17-inch touch screen allow you to enjoy your latest TV show, movie, or album even more – you even get your own noise-canceling headphones. A personal telephone is within easy reach, as are power outlets for your own devices.

A la carte or eight-course tasting menus offer you Neil Perry signature meals and wines from the award winning cellar on-board.

Clubs, Lounges and Amenities

Qantas Airlines signature club and Domestic Business Lounges provide complimentary food, beverages, and newspapers to domestic clients throughout airports in Australia.

Showers, dining facilities and private work areas are available to eligible Qantas club members in International Lounges, International Business Lounges, and First Lounges throughout key Qantas destinations worldwide. 

First Lounge is the Qantas service for First Class passengers available in Auckland, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Sydney. It offers concierge, special lounge arrangements, private business suites, spa treatments, and entertainment, including newspapers, magazines and plasma screens.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.