Flying with Singapore Airlines


Flying with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the primary airline of the Republic of Singapore and part of the Star Alliance group of airline companies. It operates two subsidiaries – SilkAir and Scoot – which largely operate on the same planes and with the same flight class structures.

Singapore Airlines has earned the distinction of being the second largest airline in the world in terms of its market capitalization, which is worth $14 billion. With 110 planes traveling to 64 separate destinations, it is a global flight provider of significance in many airports around the world.

One of the countries to which it flies most frequently is Australia – in fact, it estimates that 11% of traffic into and out of Australia goes through Singapore.

Economy Class

Flying economy with Singapore Airlines is a comfortable experience thanks to the wealth of personal space afforded by its brown slim-line seating. Adjustable headrests allow passengers to doze off on short- and long-haul flights, and all cabin seats come with an in-seat power supply.

Singapore Airlines provides in-flight entertainment through a seat-mounted personal video screen. The system called KrisWorld, offers more than a thousand distinct interactive features. Passengers can have access to a variety of complimentary food and beverages, and may choose between Western-style dishes and traditional Asian dishes.

Premium Economy

Premium economy seats with Singapore Airlines offer more legroom and greater reclining space than Economy Class seats. As an added benefit, seats feature padded leg rests designed to decrease travel discomfort on long trips.

These seats are exclusively available on the airlines' Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. These routes travel to Hong Kong, Sydney, and London.

Premium Economy ticketholders get to benefit from better entertainment thanks to a 13.3-inch HD screen. Passengers also get to enjoy noise-cancelling headphones that are of significantly better quality than Economy headphones.

Additionally, passengers who book Premium Economy may use Singapore Airlines' Book the Cook service to order an inflight meal in advance – you can choose among a much wider variety of food and drink, and even enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne mid-flight.

Business Class

Business Class passengers get to enjoy their flight in a separate cabin, with wider all-leather seats and a semi-private floor plan. Business Class passengers also have access to far more storage space than Premium Economy passengers.

Business Class seats offer a wider range of seat positions, including a full recline suitable for sleeping through long-haul flights. Headrests and lumbar support come standard with every seat in this class.

The entertainment system does not change from Premium Economy to Business Class, and every seat features power outlets and USB connection ports.

In terms of food and beverage choices, Business Class is a highly attractive option for discriminating passengers. Singapore Airlines offers an extensive menu of complimentary premium wines, beers, and spirits, and a broad range of individually plated meal courses. You may choose between a wide variety of Asian and International favorites.

First Class

Singapore Airlines' First Class passengers get to enjoy an exclusive cabin with an enclosed space and an extra-wide leather seat-bed with a luxurious wooden enclosure. The comfortably spacious cabin offers more than enough room to lay down and relax – in fact, the Singapore Airlines First Class Sky Bed is among the world's largest.

No expense is spared when it comes to entertainment. First Class passengers get to enjoy large 23-inch LCD screens at each seat, while a state-of-the-art surround sound system delivers pristine audio through noise-cancelling headsets.

If you choose to fly First Class, you can pre-order your meal from an extensive First Class menu and have your meal delivered at any time during your flight. The in-flight cabin contains a table where you can sit and enjoy your meal in comfort.

First Class cabins are only available on Boeing Triple 7 and Airbus A-380 aircraft flying out of Sydney and Melbourne.

Suite Class

Passengers taking Singapore Airlines Airbus A-380 planes to select destinations can choose to recline in the privacy of their own personal suite. With enclosed doors that slide shut for privacy and hand-stitched leather chairs, suite passengers get to enjoy the utmost luxury.

Unlike all other flight options, each suite comes with a standalone bed outfitted with fine linens and pillows for a restful night's sleep. The level of comfort these suites offer is similar to that of the finest hotels – from the 23-inch LCD screen to the finest food and beverages, the suite offers the ultimate airline experience and a full-time in-flight concierge service ready to meet your needs.

Baggage Allowances

More information on baggage can be found here.

Clubs, Lounges and Amenities

While Singapore Airlines operates multiple lounges of varying luxury within Changi airport, its membership in the Star Alliance also gives passengers access to lounges in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Nagoya.